Ransomware is the number one
cyber security threat.

And enterprise cloud backup is your number one defense.
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There are only two options at this point:

  • Pay the ransom.

    Hope they provide encryption key to unlock systems & files.

  • Restore systems

    Restore systems to a point BEFORE infection.

How long would it take you to restore your systems to pre-infection?
Would the downtime be costlier or more disastrous than paying the ransom?

Infrascale's motto is: ERADICATE DOWNTIME. Our solution will make sure you can roll back quickly.

A better defense is the best defense


Triple-layer, end-to-end, UltraSafe encryption with private key options


Protect Servers, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices


Restore critical files from a clean backup with unlimited version history and archiving


Automate backups and alerts through web-based dashboard


Run a test recovery to ensure important files are there


24x7 free US-based phone support

“Within a few hours of the ransomware infection, we were able to restore all of our files. The recovery went exactly as expected and the agency was up and running quickly.”

Michael Coppola
President CJIS Solutions

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Special Ransomware eBook

As a special thanks for checking us, we wanted to send you The Ultimate Ransomware Playbook.

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